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Letting Nature do its Thing
Science is still discovering how wetlands consistently outperform non-biological technology in removing impurities and cleansing water. The idea behind natural pools and swim ponds is to let nature do what it does well.

Water in a natural pool circulates through carefully designed water treatment areas that consist of constructed wetlands. The water treatment area can be a prized landscape amenity that functions as an attractive water garden feature—with marketing and educational benefit—or it can disappear into its surroundings by being located under grass on which bathers can sunbathe, walk and play. Natural pools can be designed to accommodate all styles of swimming facilities from Olympic sized training pools to a community swim “lake”, from a modern architectural statement with no plants in sight to a backyard swimming hole surrounded by water lilies.

Whatever style is chosen, water from the swimming area is circulated through plumbing with energy efficient pumps to the constructed wetland treatment area. Impurities that find their way into the water are nourishment for plants, beneficial bacteria and microorganisms that in turn keep the water clean, clear and safe for bathing.

Almost two decades worth of experience with public natural pools in Europe and thorough German monitoring attest to the hygienic safety of biologically filtered natural pools. In fact, German public pools are rapidly converting to natural pools for the simple economic reason that they offer significant cost benefits over chemical water treatment pools. The marketing benefit that comes from the enhanced bather experience is simply a bonus.

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